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We Love to Celebrate!

Ability and achievement are all around us, beaming with Sailability Smiles - and we LOVE to celebrate their achievements. 

Why? Because we get it. We know how important our programmes are to those who live with extraordinary challenges. So we celebrate their ability in the face of adversity, their ability in all its diversity.

We love to share their success into the wider community, too, through our press releases, website news articles, monthly newsletters and social media posts. We will be uploading details of their achievements and results here on our new website soon.

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"Marshall has difficulty vocalising and needs a wheelchair, but his facial expression tells his story. Within his first 9 months sailing and leaving his wheelchair on the dock, he has taken over the helm, steering the boat himself. This is the magic of Sailability."

- Alistair - Chairperson and Programme Director

Celebrating Sailability in our Learn to Sail Programme

The Martin Conn Memorial Trophy

This trophy is awarded every few months to the most improved sailor showing  general improvement. It could be for meeting their individual goals, such as learning to steer the boat, going solo, or how they support the other sailors.

We watch their pride and confidence grow with each sail, and it is our honour to award their achievements.


List of recipients here.

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50 and 100 Sailing Sessions

To reach the milestones of 50 and 100 sails shows our sailors' commitment and fortitude. Whatever physical, cognitive or sensory challenges each sailor faces, this shows their determination to get the most out of their individually tailored sailing programme.

Club shirts and jackets are presented, and worn with pride for what they have achieved. 

100days - Lorna.png

50 and 100 Volunteer Days

Our volunteers are the beating heart of our our sailing programmes. Their commitment to show up time and time again and give so generously to our sailors cannot be praised enough. 

We award club shirts and jackets as a small token of our deep appreciation. List of recipients coming soon.

Tom certificate.png

Volunteer Education

Many volunteers up-skill by doing a variety of courses, such as marine radio operator, sailing skipper, support boat skipper, ocean rescue, emergency first aid and more.

We celebrate their dedication to ongoing education and certification so we can continue to deliver our programmes with the highest level of safety.

Celebrating Sailability in our Racing Squad

We have a strong Para Sailing Development Squad, starting with race training through to national and international regattas. We love sharing their Sailability success on our media platforms and other community publications.  

TYPBC Centreboard Series

Sailors that are invited to join race training often have their first competitive races in the Tauranga Yacht Club's Centreboard Series.


Our sailors do very well against sailors without disability, and receive their awards at an inclusive prize giving.

2021 race team.png

Regional and National Regattas

We have a robust Racing Squad and many travel as a team or individuals to regional and national Hansa 303 and Liberty Regattas.

Many volunteer race supporters are needed to help with transport and regatta logistics. A fun time for all involved and many outstanding racing achievements to celebrate.

Caleb-Virtus 22.jpg

International Regattas

As our young Sailabillity Club matures, more sailors have honed their racing skills to be competitive on the world stage.


Some have already competed with great success, and more are working towards going international, too.  

More details of our Racing Squad's achievements will be added soon, so watch this space.



I can't change the direction of the wind,

but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination.

- Jimmy Dean - 

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