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and Join The Sail
ability Smiles Club

"Volunteering and sailing with Sailability make me feel like a whole person." 

- Kerehi, purser, rigger and competitive sailor. Living well with cognitive challenges.

You Don't Have to be a Sailor to Volunteer

We have a wide range of volunteer options on land and water.

Please Help Us Create More Sailability Smiles

To maintain and grow our sailing programmes, we need a constant intake of new volunteers in all areas of our organisation.

You may already have skills to contribute, so let's talk soon.

If you would love to volunteer and learn new skills, we offer a training programme to up-skill you into a role that inspires you. Let's get you started! 

Volunteer - Donate - Sponsor - Fund
and join the Sail
ability Smiles Club today.



No act of kindness, whether large or small, goes unnoticed.

- Anon - 

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