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Welcome to Our New Website

Hi everyone! I'm Elisha, Sailability Tauranga's Chief Editor and Media Manager. Hope you enjoy the new website. We will post articles here on a regular basis, covering our latest news, happenings from our Learn to Sail Programme, community events, regatta results and more.

We have a team of reporters who will give their unique view on the topics they cover, such as Rhonda's club captain items and volunteer training updates, Christina with her race reports and social media flair, Richard and his recap of weekend race training and adventure sailing events, Alistair from the board room and sailing programme developments, and more. We are a busy bunch indeed!

We would love you to pop in to the website often, as well as follow us on social media: facebook and instagram.

For our community of volunteers, sailors, sponsors and support groups - you are all members of our Sailability Smiles Club and will receive our monthly newsletters, plus we are working on a number of other things to show you just how much we appreciate your support. Without you, we would not be able to offer people living with disability the fun and freedom that sailing brings.

That's all for now, but I will be back again soon with an article that I am currently working on: Bay Trust's Day on the Water with Sailability Tauranga.

Ka kite ano!

Elisha -

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